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Laboratory of Holly Ernest



A remote camera captures a radio collared cougar in Griffith Park.

A hidden camera records Hollywood’s most reclusive star—this male cougar known as P-22 first seen in Griffith Park almost two years ago. A radio collar tracks his moves, but residents see scant signs of him. Photograph by Steve Winter

Below are exciting new publications, including Puma (mountain lion, cougar), Black Bear, and Bighorn Sheep genetics and ecology, Sea Otter conservation genetics, and bird disease ecology including hummingbirds. Stay tuned for upcoming publications!

  • Urbanization impacts apex predator gene flow but not genetic diversity across an urban-rural divide. 2019. Preprint. Daryl R Trumbo, Patricia E Salerno, Ken A Logan, Mat Aldredge, Roderick B Gagne, Chris P Kozakiewicz, Simona Kraberger, Nick Fountain-Jones, Meggan E Craft, Scott Carver, Holly B Ernest, Kevin Crooks, Sue VandeWoude and W Chris Funk. bioRxiv. posted 22 June 2019, 10.1101/679720.
  • Analysis of insecticide exposure in California hummingbirds using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. 2019, Environmental Science and Pollution Research. Emily E. Graves, Karen A. Jelks, Janet E. Foley, Michael S. Filigenzi, Robert H. Poppenga, Holly B. Ernest, Richard Melnicoe, Lisa A. Tell.
  • Extinction vortex dynamics of top predators isolated by urbanization. 2019, Ecological Applications. John F. Benson, Peter J. Mahoney, T. Winston Vickers, Jeff A. Sikich, Paul Beier, Seth P. D. Riley, Holly B. Ernest, Walter M. Boyce.
  • Bighorn SheepGenetic Outcomes of Translocation of Bighorn Sheep in Arizona. 2019, Journal of Wildlife Management. Daphne A. Gille, Michael R. Buchalski, Dave Conrad, Esther S. Rubin, Amber Munig, Brian F. Wakeling, Clinton W. Epps, Tyler G. Creech, Rachel Crowhurst, Brandon Holton, Ryan Monello, Walter M. Boyce, M. C. T. Penedo, Holly B. Ernest.  Broad collaboration among institutions and agencies including Arizona Dept. of Game and Fish, Department Of Fisheries And Wildlife, Oregon State University, Nevada Division of Wildlife, National Park Service, Wildlife Health Center and Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at University of California Davis, Wildlife Genetics Research Laboratory at California Department Of Fish And Wildlife, and Center For Large Landscape Conservation in Bozeman, MT.
  • Genetic source–sink dynamics among naturally structured and anthropogenically fragmented puma populations.  Kyle D. Gustafson, Roderick B. Gagne, T. Winston Vickers, Seth P.D. Riley, Christopher C. Wilmers, Vernon C. Bleich, Becky M. Pierce, Marc Kenyon, Tracy L. Drazenovich, Jeff A. Sikich, Walter M. Boyce, Holly B. Ernest. December 2018. Conservation Genetics
Yellow-billed Magpie

Yellow-billed Magpie. Photo credit Jerry Ting.