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Laboratory of Holly Ernest

Disease Ecology Course

Disease Ecology Course

Microbes, earth systems diagram, and ungulate

Course offered – Spring 2020

Disease Ecology

Science, Theory, and Applications for Wildlife, Plants, Insects, and Humans

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Populations, Communities,
and Ecosystem Health

Tues & Thurs 2:45-4pm |  3 units |  Physical Sci PS 234

All majors welcome
Join us for an exciting course!

 UNDERGRAD: PATB 4240 (CRN 22862)

ENR/Haub students – cross listed as ENR 4240 (Undergrads; CRN 23219);
Ecology/Haub students ENR 5240 (Grad Students; CRN

Course Prerequisites: LIFE 2022 or 2023 and a basic STATs/or/R/or/computational biology course, or feel free to email for permission of instructor.

Dr. Jennifer Malmberg:
veterinary pathologist (DVM and Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists) and wildlife disease research scientist (PhD in Virology with an emphasis on pathogen evolution in wildlife populations).  Dr. Malmberg combines diagnostic pathology with molecular techniques to promote wildlife health and conservation.
Dr. Holly Ernest: wildlife ecologist (PhD in Ecology; Certified Senior Ecologist by Ecological Society of America), disease ecologist (Wyoming Excellence Chair in Disease Ecology) and research veterinarian (DVM). She and her team use genomic and landscape analysis to answer important questions to benefit wildlife health and conservation.

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