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Laboratory of Holly Ernest

About Us

About Us


Holly Ernest, DVM, PhD

Professor, Wildlife Genomics and Disease Ecology and Wyoming Excellence Chair in Disease Ecology
Principle Investigator, Mentor and Research Facilitator

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DJ Sandidge

Lab Assistant and Technician


Lab Affiliates With Continuing Collaborations

Laura Johnson posing at night

Laura Johnson

Lab Manager, Lead Technician, and Associate Research Scientist (2018-2021). Now with Wyoming Department of Game and Fish.

Megan Dudenhoeffer

Megan Dudenhoeffer

Technicican and Assistant Research Scientist (2020-2021). Now in Wildlife Ecology PhD program at University of Wisconsin

Melanie LaCava in the snow

Melanie LaCava, PHD

Lab Affiliate, PhD work (2015-2021): Pronghorn and Mule Deer Population Genomics and Disease Ecology. Now Postdoctoral Researcher, Genomic Variation Lab, UC Davis focused on conservation genomics of Delta Smelt.

Nicole Carter

Nicole Carter

MS (Graduated May 2020)
Lab affiliate
Southern Sea Otter Genetics and Disease Ecology

Adrienne headshot

Adrienne Mackenzie

Undergraduate researchers (2018-2020) and Post-graduate Lab Affiliate (2020-2021), Rocky Mountain Hummingbird Hemoparasite prevalence using genetic and microscopic detection methods. Now in Public Health graduate program at George Washington University.

Erick Gagne headshot

Erick Gagne, PHD

Lab Affiliate, now  Assistant Professor of Wildlife Disease Ecology, University of Pennsylvania, and continuing work on Mountain lion and Sea Otter projects with our lab. Completed 2-year postdoc in our lab, 2015-2017.

Kyle Gustafson headshot

Kyle Gustafson, PHD

Lab Affiliate, now Asst Prof at Arkansas State Univ, and working with us on mountain lion genomics, bear genetics, and other projects in the lab.  Completed 2-year postdoc in our lab, 2016-2018.


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*Dr. Bruce Hoar, honorary lab epidemiologist and field work assistant