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Laboratory of Holly Ernest

Ecology & Genomics of Disease Seminar

Ecology & Genomics of Disease Seminar

DNA and disease icons

Graduate Seminar offered – Spring 2020

Ecology & Genomics of Disease

Reading and discussing papers: Theory, Data, Analysis, Applications


Day and Time TBA – registered students will be polled early/mid-Jan for best time

Location will be on main UWyo campus

ECOL 5620-03 (CRN 25894)



  • 1 unit (1 hour per week) – read and discuss latest journal papers;
  • 2 unit option – above plus read and discuss disease ecology book(s) chapter-a-week:
  • 3 unit option – above plus term project.  (Do not enroll for 4 units please)

First sessions – getting everyone up to speed on science in a low key friendly atmosphere and plan topics of interest to participants for papers and chapter book

Questions?  Email Dr.

Please note –

This seminar does not take the place of the Disease Ecology Course (PATB/ENR 5240)
which offers comprehensive coverage of disease ecology.
For info on PATB/ENR 5240 see


Course Prerequisites: Graduate student with interest in the admixture of Ecology, Genomics, and Disease

Seminar leader: Dr. Holly Ernest: wildlife ecologist (PhD in Ecology; Certified Senior Ecologist by Ecological Society of America), disease ecologist (Wyoming Excellence Chair in Disease Ecology) and research veterinarian (DVM). She and her team use genomic and landscape analysis to answer important questions to benefit wildlife health and conservation.

Bee, plant with disease, scientest holding frog, deer, hummingbird with avion pox
DNA and disease icons