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Laboratory of Holly Ernest

Conservation Genomics

Conservation Genomics


beebirdGraduate Seminar offered –
Fall 2017

Topics in
Conservation Genomics


For Graduate students and postdocs interested in learning more to apply a diverse set of genomic tools to natural population conservation and management.

Wild animals, plants, microbes, fungi – all wild things with genomes.


Potential topics for reading and discussion this semester include (feel free to email ideas!): Genotyping-by-Sequencing, NGS, RADseq, whole genome Seq, Adaptive Genomics; high density SNP genotyping, Counting organisms, constructing pedigrees, pop gen using genomics; issues with trace DNA/e-DNA/mom-invasive DNA, molecular mark-recapture, Ne:Nc ratios; and/or Genomics and the End.Sp.Act; Genomics and Climate Change; Immuno-genomics; Forensic genomics; Disease Ecology Applications, Dealing with bioinformatics, errors, contamination, comparing genomic data to microsat/mtDNA/, etc

ECOL 5260 Sec 03 Ernest CRN 17391, or cross-listed as PATB 5120 Sec 01 Ernest   CRN 17336

Time/day TBA – decided by poll to enrolled students week of Aug 14

Your choice of 1 – 3 units:

1) 1 unit – journal article discussion each week to build your understanding of applications, science and art of applying genomic DNA analyses to wild organism conservation. One hour class time per week.
2) 2 Units – 1 unit activities plus small group work on more focused cons gen, present group project during semester. Based on specific interests of members of each group.
3) 3 units – 1 and 2 unit activities, plus either individual term project or Coffee Break Cons Gen (chapter per week reading and discussion of Frankham et al 2012 Conservation and the Genetics of Populations.

  • Select S/U or letter grading – your choice (if need letter grades, check w/grad adviser)
  • Currently I need everyone to register for class (new UW requirements, need minimum # registrants). Postdocs – you may have 1 free course/semester benefit with your employment here, if so, get enrolled and sign up for course.  May consider postdoc auditors if registering is not an option for you.
  • Time and location on campus TBA: Email Dr. Holly Ernest ( that you signed up and I’ll send out a scheduling poll ~ Aug 14 to find a common good time for class.

Conservation genomics charts and image
Contact: Dr. Holly Ernest, Professor, Wildlife Genomics and Disease Ecology

Download a PDF about the course here