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Laboratory of Holly Ernest

Conservation Genomics

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Fall 2021 Online Graduate Seminar

Conservation Genomics

Read & discuss the latest journal papers for
applications of whole genome analysis to conservation to
natural system s wild animals, plants, and pathogens

1 unit (1 hour per week) – read and discuss latest journal papers; or
2 unit – above plus, chapter-a-week in conserve. genetics book; or
3 unit option – above plus term literature research project.

PATB 5120 CRN 19555 or ECOL 5620 CRN 19547

Sessions are synchronous online.
First sessions introduce students to basics of the science in a low key friendly atmosphere.

Questions? Email Dr.

Day and time TBA: planned around registered students’ schedules: Scheduling poll to be sent in Aug 2021
Students who have taken this course before can take again – different each year

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